Life is suffering or Choose your struggle

or Choose your suffering

Let´s face it, Life is suffering, or to put it bluntly: Life is a bitch.

It´s harsh, but it´s true. Buddha said it, Mark Manson says it, hell even Deadpool says it and if you think clearly and look at it, you too will see that it´s true.

Now it´s your decision. It can be depressing and make you miserable. Or you can realize that nothing is wrong with you when you feel like you are suffering right now, accept the feelings and let this fact liberate you.

As Life is suffering, whether you study hard or party hard, it frees you every day to choose for what you want to suffer.
Because not only is Life suffering, but also every action of yours has a consequence. Or said differently: Life rewards you for everything in one way or another.

What does that mean? It means that whatever you do, something will always happen as a result of your choice. Sometimes what you intend, sometimes (most of the time?) not.
And lets not forget that you have direct and indirect outcomes too.

So when you are suffering right now and you think about changing something, why not think about what kind of suffering you want to have in your Life?

What do you want to suffer for, knowing you have to suffer for whatever you do?

What is something for you that is worth it to suffer for?

A healthier Body or that ice cream?

Your studies or that party?

The extra work to get your own business up and running or a boss that tells you what and how to do?

Do you think it´s easy? Do you choose healthier Body, studies and the extra work for own business without thinking?

If yes, are you sure that is the right thing? Or did you just go with what society tells you to do? Did you consider the context?

For example: When you are always going after the healthier Body, you never treat yourself, you starve yourself in way. Is that really worth it?
Or is it sometimes okay to enjoy that delicious piece of chocolate cake or that afternoon beer, knowing that your process keeps you on track?

What about the business? Did you ever try to start a business? Did you experience the failures, the set backs, the struggle, the stress?
Did you make any kind of progress towards your own business?

Or is your own business (in your current situation) maybe just a dream, that you are not ready or willing to suffer for?

What about studies vs. party? Do you think you should only study hard? Even when Life seems dull?

Doesn’t it feel good sometimes to be with friends, talk about whatever and having a good time?

I hope you saw 2 things here:

  1. Whatever you choose, there are results based on what you did.
  2. Not always is the “right” choice easy to see. It is individual and can depend on the situation.

What do you choose to suffer for?




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