GitHub – Make A New Branch

GitHub makes it easy for developers to collaborate on projects by providing an online version control system (VCS). GitHub also provides a web interface that allows users to view changes made to any project in real-time.

Create a branch from master

If you want to make changes to your master branch, you need to create a new branch first. This will allow you to work on a separate version of your project without affecting the main one.

Push changes to the branch

Once you’ve made some changes to your project, you need to push those changes to the branch so that other people who use the same version of the software can see them. To do this, click on the “Branch” tab at the top of your repository window. Then select the branch name from the dropdown menu. Finally, click on the “Push” Button.

Merge the two branches together

If you’re using a shared repository, you can merge the new branch into the master branch by clicking on the “Merge” button. This will combine the changes from both branches into one.

Delete the old branch

To delete a branch, click on the name of the branch in the left sidebar and select “Delete branch”.

In conclusion, creating a new branch is a great way to organize your work and keep it organized.

If you’re using GitHub, you should make sure to create a new branch when you start working on a new feature or bug fix. This will help you stay organized and avoid merging unrelated changes into one branch

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